About us

Who we are

Humans in the Loop is an award-winning social enterprise founded in 2017 with the vision to connect conflict-affected communities to digital work

Providing opportunity

Witnessing the distress caused to communities by armed conflict and forced displacement, Humans in the Loop was established with the big idea of channeling work opportunities to those who need them the most as an alternative to the reliance on humanitarian aid


Our mission: to build the workforce of the future which works hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence

Future of work

At present, we have a workforce of more than 250 conflict-affected people who are working to power some of the most exciting applications of AI. They receive specialized ML annotation trainings and are being prepared to become the professional "humans-in-the-loop" of the near future

Where we work

The headquarters of Humans in the Loop is based in Bulgaria, where we work with refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants, and handle projects that need an EU/EEA based workforce

In Iraq we have teamed up with Preemptive Love Coalition’s WorkWell program in 4 cities: Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, Dohuk and Mosul where refugees, internally displaced people and locals are acquiring the skills of the future.

In Turkey we are partnering with the Roia Foundation, a leading NGO harnessing the power of ICT to improve the welfare of Syrian refugees in Istanbul and Gaziantep.

In Syria we are also working with the Roia Foundation and their ICT academies in Aleppo and Idlib which provide trainings and livelihoods opportunities to internally displaced people and locals.

Our Foundation

We accomplish our social impact through the Humans in the Loop Foundation

Our values






Open innovation for solving world challenges

We are a winner of MIT SOLVE's Global Challenges

Humans in the Loop is part of Solve’s 2020 class in the field of Good Jobs and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Innovation can come from anywhere, to everyone

We are a global innovator supported by Expo Live

Humans in the Loop is recognized as a Global Innovator by Expo 2020 Dubai’s Innovation Impact Grant

Bridging the digital skills gap

We are a member of the EC Digital skills and jobs coalition

Humans in the Loop has pledged to provide 500 remote digital jobs to conflict-affected people by the end of 2020

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