Frequently Asked Questions


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We offer everything computer vision related! We can collect data, annotate data and images, and validate model outputs and provide live monitoring. Anything from bounding box annotation, to polygon, keypoint, video, 3-dimensional and semantic segmentation.

Our annotation team is available for live monitoring projects 24/7. However, for more standard services such as data annotation, we follow standard day shifts, observing public holidays according to where your annotation team is based.

Each project is estimated after a free trial! We believe strongly in fair pay for fair work, and as such we’ll create a custom price for your workflow!
We’re GDPR compliant and store your data in secure clouds such as AWS. We sign data processing agreements for all projects containing personal data.

We have a 2-layer quality control system, where each project is reviewed by two independent supervisors. In addition, we work closely with you in order to identify and document edge cases and to establish a common understanding among annotators as to how to interpret the data.

We can deliver annotations in any format! This includes JSON, COCO, Pascal Voc XML, Yolo, or any other commonly used format, and we are also able to export annotations in custom formats based on your own taxonomy and requirements.

We’re tool agnostic – meaning we can work with your own in-house tool (and provide feedback on how to improve it!), we work with open source solutions and third party paid services!

Easy – send us an email to with 5-10 samples and annotation guidelines and we’ll take it from there (and be back with results within 72 hours!)

Yes, absolutely – our approach to project management allows us to train and increase more annotators depending on the available budget and scope.

The languages we could cover are as follows:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Farsi (Persian)
  • Kurdish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

We work closely with our foundation partners predominantly in the Middle East to provide opportunities to improve the lives of conflict-affected people through the use of technology and innovation. In addition, we have several European locations where we perform annotations which require stronger data security measures. We have annotators based in Bulgaria, Portugal, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Yemen.

To help conflict-affected people build resilience and self-sufficiency through remote work and digital skills!

Have more questions? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to answer.