Our Humans in the Loop can label datasets with our diverse range of

Annotation Services

Bounding Box

Annotation with a bounding box means that a rectangle has to enclose each object in an image or a frame of video.


Polygon annotation can hence have pixel perfect precision whilst being highly flexible and adaptable to a variety of shapes.


Keypoint annotation consists of particularly numbered points called keypoints which are connected by edges. They are a great way of tracking movement!


Segmentation is done by selecting areas in the image and assigning a class to them which can result in pixel-perfect classification

3 dimensional

We can annotate three-dimensional data such as point clouds, which allows for depth, distance, and volume to be factored into account.


Your videos can be labeled in a variety of ways where depending on the modality: frame extraction and classification, event detection, object and activity tracking through bounding boxes, polygons, or keypoints, etc.