High quality ground truth metadata

Dataset annotation

Humans in the Loop Model validation

We provide a full suite of managed annotation services, including:

Bounding box annotation
Polygonal annotation

Keypoint annotation
Lines and splines annotation

Cuboid annotation
3D pose annotation

If your company has a tool of its own, we are flexible and can easily plug in our workers in your current platform. Alternatively, we can use a tool of our own or suggest an appropriate tool (open source, free, or enterprise-grade platform) based on your needs and budget.

Our trained humans in the loop provide high quality pixel-wise image segmentation for advanced image analysis. The segmentation is delivered in the format of PNG masks and can be done in two ways:


Semantic segmentation: Each pixel in the image is color-coded according to the class to which it belongs


Instance segmentation: Each pixel in the image is color-coded according to the individual instance of the class to which it belongs, e.g. each instance of an object has a separate color

We also provide video annotation services using the latest tools for interpolation, making sure that the time-consuming task of frame-by-frame annotation is done quickly and efficiently.

The types of video annotation services we offer are:

Video classification: classifying entire videos or frame sequences with tags 

Object tracking: labeling objects using bounding boxes or polygons across frames

Action tracking: labeling actions across frames throughout their duration