After four years of successful work aimed at helping conflict-affected communities in Bulgaria, coupled up with significant impact following multiple partnerships in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon, Humans in the Loop is happy to announce yet another successful branching out operation in the form of a new partnership. The destination is Yemen this time!

This alliance is a big step in our expansion strategy as it will enable us to scale our solution and reach those who need it the most and provide them with access to dignified online work opportunities. We recognize that Yemen has been affected by an ongoing protracted military conflict and many of the young people in the country have sought to flee due to lack of opportunities and a serious humanitarian crisis in the worst affected regions. 

This is why we decided that building a new partnership in Yemen would be the best way for us to assist local communities in securing their livelihoods and improving their career prospects. We identified the Tamdeen Youth Foundation as the best possible partner, given their experience in leading development programs and working with major institutions in order to benefit young people across the country. We are excited about what lies ahead and we are certain that our partnership with Tamdeen Youth Foundation will bring countless benefits to both organizations, and most importantly to the beneficiaries.


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Meet Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF)

Tamdeen Youth Foundation is a civil, non-governmental and non-profit foundation headquartered in Sana, Yemen and operating in four other different locations both inside and outside Yemen. The primary goal of the foundation is to provide socio-economic interventions as a way to create and secure adequate livelihood opportunities for members of the Yemeni society, and enable them to thrive, grow and participate in making immediate and long-term change, allowing everyone to live in peace and competence.

Ever since Humans in the loop started working with Tamdeen Youth Foundation in December 2021, 31 beneficiaries, including 16 women, have successfully been trained to become annotators. The microlearning training included image collection, tags, bounding boxes, polygons, and semantic segmentation. This spanned over five days after which TYF’s freshly trained annotators moved on to work on projects with Humans in the loop.

In addition, the beneficiaries benefited from personalized development plans, access to our partner platform SkillLab (include link to their site), as well as access to additional free courses in IT and English organized by the HITL Foundation. This allowed beneficiaries to polish their CVs and improve their chances of success on the labor market. We’re proud to accompany them in this journey of securing meaningful jobs, as well as assist them to design and follow their career development paths.

The Tamdeen Youth Foundation has demonstrated their reliability through their responsiveness and eagerness to join our different programs. We are very proud of the work that we are doing together and are looking forward to supporting them in facilitating economic recovery in underserved communities in Yemen.

Stay tuned for more updates on the expansion of our partner network!

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