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Car Parts and Car Damages Dataset

Free Car Parts and Car Damages Dataset

Humans in the Loop is proud to share our newest dataset for car part and car damage analysis AI systems for automated claims processing. The dataset consists of a total of 1812 images, fully annotated with polygons either for car parts (998 images) or car damages (814). The total number of polygons in the dataset is 24,851. The images were segmented by the trainees of Beetroot Academy as part of their pilot with Humans in the Loop, targeting internally displaced people across Ukraine.

This Car part and car damage dataset is dedicated to the public domain by Humans in the Loop under CC0 1.0 license.

Semantic segmentation of a car
annotation of car parts

Dataset size

1812 images, split into car parts (998 images) and car damages (814).


1. For car parts, classes  nclude: Windshield, Back-windshield, Front-window, Back-window, Front-door, Back-door, Front-wheel, Back-wheel, Front-bumper, Back-bumper, Headlight, Tail-light, Hood, Trunk, License-plate, Mirror, Roof, Grille, Rocker-panel, Quarter-panel, Fender

2. For car damages, classes include: Dent, Cracked, Scratch, Flaking, Broken part, Paint chip, Missing part, Corrosion

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