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Recycling Dataset

Free Recycling Dataset

Humans in the Loop is excited to share our open access to our latest Recycle dataset, which comprises of 3200 images with bounding boxes. Our main class is “litter”, we have 3  mandatory tags for it: material, object and brand. To create this dataset, we had the help of 20 users who worked on their first project. 

All of these images were collected and annotated by the team of Inovinter from Portugal, where students took two courses: Micro Learning Training and Micro Freelancing Training. Those who successfully passed the exams were eligible for the paid project, which included collecting images and annotating them on Supervisely.

This Recycling dataset is dedicated to the public domain by Humans in the Loop under CC0 1.0 license

Free Recycling Dataset
Free Recycling Dataset

Dataset size

The dataset includes 3200 images.


The main class is “litter” and the tags are:

  1. Material
  2. Object
  3. Brand

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