Monitoring and Evaluation

Impact report 2022

Creating Positive Change in Conflict-Affected Communities

We are thrilled to present the Impact Report 2022, a comprehensive overview of the social impact generated by Humans in the Loop throughout the year. Through meticulous quantitative and qualitative assessments of our activities, we have evaluated and measured the positive changes we have brought to communities.

This report delves into various aspects of our work, providing insights into the key highlights, achievements, and initiatives undertaken in 2022. Additionally, it features inspiring case studies that vividly demonstrate the impact we have made.

For a broader perspective on our journey, we invite you to explore our previous Impact Reports from 2021 and 2020.



  • Introduction
  • 2022 Achievements
  • Highlights from 2022
  • Methodology and Social Impact Assessment
  • Paid Work Opportunities
  • Ensuring the Inclusion of Women
  • Training Programs
  • Pilots
  • Volunteering programs
  • Beneficiary Advisory Board
  • Personal Development Plan and Career counseling
  • Community Events 2022
  • Doctors in the Loop
  • Conclusion

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