Technical partners

Tools and platforms

We are partnering with some of the leading data annotation and data management tools on the market so as to provide you with the most comprehensive service


Alegion's mission is to accelerate ML through an intelligent data labeling platform which provides the flexibility, control, and expertise you need to accurately label video, image, and text.


Diffgram offers a dataset management solution which makes AI more accessible and practical by helping teams handle their data flows, update their datasets in real time and set up scalable processes.


Hasty is a next-generation labeling tool which trains a custom generated AI every time a user labels data, so that it can automate the annotation process through smart suggestions.

Human Lambdas

Human Lambdas allows you to turbocharge your internal processes by creating and monitoring complex real-time ML annotation and validation workflows using webhooks and API without any code.

Kili Technology

Kili is a powerful training data management platform which offers fast annotation, simple collaboration, quality control, and workforce management for images, videos, text, PDFs, and audio.


Lightly allows data scientists to improve their ML models by curating their data, finding redundancy and bias, selecting the most relevant samples, and keeping track using a smart data pool.


Manthano provides a mobile-first labeling tool, which enables annotations by anyone from anywhere, thereby making the process more accessible and convenient and reducing the entry costs.'s mission is to automate image labeling using a state-of-the-art computer vision technology for automatic predictions and human-in-the-loop pipelines for active learning.


SuperAnnotate is the world's fastest annotation platform increasing annotation speeds by up to 10x while delivering higher-quality training data and building scalable computer vision pipelines.


V7 offers a complete toolkit for creating robust computer vision AI, including a data organization interface, smart auto-annotation, and a web dashboard for training and running neural networks.