In the realm of digital empowerment and access to rights, the Foundation for Access to Rights – FAR has been making significant strides alongside the Humans in the Loop Foundation. This collaboration aims at aiding refugees in Bulgaria through a groundbreaking project that leverages technology to facilitate their integration and professional growth.

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At the heart of this initiative lies, a self-help tool meticulously crafted by FAR. This online platform serves as a beacon for refugees and migrants, providing up-to-date, accessible information in nine different languages. From navigating complex judicial procedures to offering a comprehensive interactive services map, empowers users with the knowledge they need to overcome everyday obstacles.

Upon visiting the website, one is greeted with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by refugees and migrants during their journey of social adaptation. The platform doesn’t merely disseminate information; it serves as a guide, offering support and hope to those forging new lives in Bulgaria.

Collaboration with Humans in the Loop Foundation: A Digital Revolution

The collaboration with Humans in the Loop Foundation focuses on the digital empowerment of refugees, specifically aiding their integration by connecting them with job opportunities based on their qualifications. As a service provider on, Humans in the Loop is playing a crucial role in providing valuable information to refugees and migrants seeking employment.

FAR Team and Their Digital Crusade

The FAR team is a dynamic force steering this digital crusade. Led by Valeria Ilareva, a seasoned expert in migration and asylum law, the team includes Magdalena Miteva, Hanna Velykova, Nadya Denkova, and the Digital Communications Liaison Team, headed by Petya Petrova. Together, they ensure that remains a reliable resource for its users.

Notable Achievements and Future Prospects

The collaboration has already borne fruit, with numerous beneficiaries participating in courses organized by Humans in the Loop, shared on FAR’s social media channels. The goal of connecting refugees with employers abiding by social impact standards is well underway. FAR foresees an increased impact on professional development, career counseling, and establishing lasting connections with companies and employers.

A Model for Future Collaborations

The fluid communication and effective collaboration between FAR and Humans in the Loop Foundation serve as a model for future joint endeavors. The focus on digital empowerment and access to rights opens doors to potential collaborations in related projects and programs.

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