Our Humans in the Loop can label a diverse range of datasets



Our expert labeling teams are available to label any type of drone and satellite imagery, including multispectral and SAR images


We provide high-quality annotation for automotive use cases for 2D images and video, as well as 3D point cloud and sensor fusion data


Our roster of more than 50 medical specialists includes radiologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, and many more


Leading companies in the manufacturing, recycling, logistics, and construction fields are working with us to train and improve their AI


We work with companies and research institutes to produce high-quality labeling on both RGB and multispectral imagery for AgriTech


From complex SKU labeling, to shopper tracking and e-commerce automation, our dedicated retail team can help out with any task

Need a labelled dataset for one of these industries?

Get in touch with us and one of our project managers will help advise you on how best to pursue your annotation and labeling needs for your computer vision project!