The Best Success Stories From Our Clients

Success Stories

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Client Success Story


Read how we helped revolutionize clinical researches trough annotation articles.

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Client Success Story


Read how through their geospatial image instance segmentation work, Restor is revolutionizing how we approach environmental conservation efforts.

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Client Success Story

Imperial College London

Read how researchers at Imperial College London enhance robotic surgery safety through precise medical image annotation.

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Client Success Story

Kelvin Health

Read how Bulgaria-based company Kelvin Health has used thermography and medical image annotations generated by Humans in the Loop for diagnostic AI application

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Client Success Story


Read how Denmark-based company Milestone has used the thermal video annotations generated by Humans in the Loop for accurate surveillance despite concept drift

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Client Success Story


Read how Swiss intelligent drone company Daedalean has used the annotations generated by Humans in the Loop to power the autonomous pilot of the near future

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Client Success Story


Read how French facial verification startup Unissey enriched its datasets with diverse and representative data thanks to our dataset collection services

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Client Success Story


Read how Spanish optical sorting company Picvisa has partnered with Humans in the Loop in order to train smart sorting solutions for waste management

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Client Success Story


Read how French research institute INRAe has partnered with Humans in the Loop in order to optimize the plant phenotyping process through better annotations