Image Annotation and Human-in-the-Loop process

How it works

1. Intro Call

Let's get to know each other! What are your objectives, how things have been set up so far, and where do we want to go next? It's important to learn as much as possible in this stage - as this sets the foundation for a successful engagement!

2. Free Trial

To show you what we can do, we offer a free 2 hour annotation trial of any sample data and instructions to showcase our output and begin estimating the right price for your task!

3. Fine Tuning

Together we'll make any final adjustments to the annotation guideline, dataset preparation, and technical setup (if necessary)!

4. Contract Signed

Money matters - and as such we want to make sure we find the right deal for you, both in terms of timeline and pricing per unit!

5. Data Delivery

We'll send over the annotated data and conduct a post-mortem meeting together with you to ensure everything is completed, and we can build off this experience into the next batch and projects!