Real-time edge case handling

Plug in a human-in-the-loop at inference stage

Looking for human operators who can handle model alerts in real time in order to avoid false responses for the end user?

Verify model alerts

Whenever your model sends an alert (for example, a wildfire or an intrusion is detected) our humans can step in to verify it in order to avoid alert fatigue for the end users

Illustration of real-time edge case handling on model verification
Illustration of image verification

Confirm low-confidence predictions

You can set up a threshold for model certainty so that predictions with a lower confidence score are sent first to a human operator before being presented to the user

Illustration of image verification

Handle difficult steps

Certain steps in the process may still require human involvement, even if AI is used to automate almost all of it. Our human operators can be plugged in until a good enough model can be trained

Illustration of the question asked to AI

Our workforce

We offer access to a global diverse workforce located in different time zones so that we can ensure that your models are getting 24 hour coverage 7 days per week.

Get started

How it works

Project request

Send us information about your project and your live monitoring needs. Our team will work with you to define to Scope of Work and to determine the best way to deliver the results that you require.

Interface setup

Our team will develop a custom interface for your use case and will hand-pick the most suitable workforce based on your requirements in terms of geography, demographics, etc.

API integration

We will provide you with API endpoints so that you can easily create jobs for our workforce and you can also define callback URLs where you wish to receive the results.

Send requests

Once the integration is complete, you can start sending requests to our workforce which contain the data ingested by the model, its prediction, and certainty scores.

Receive data!

Our workforce will be available 24/7 in order to handle incoming alerts and to approve or reject model predictions. The responses can be sent back within as little as one minute.

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