Dataset annotation

Dedicated expert teams

Looking for high-quality ground truth data with precise labels in order to train your AI models?

Get high-quality data

We offer a wide variety of annotation types, including bounding boxes, polygons, keypoints, 3D annotation, and video annotation. The data is labeled according to your requirements and custom taxonomy in quick iterations in order to reach maximum quality.

man and woman shopping annotated with keypoint annotation
illustration of a scan report annotated

Use dedicated expert teams

Our humans in the loop come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including medical and life sciences. We will assemble the right team for your project and they will become your dedicated team in order to build expertise with your data.

illustration of a scan report annotated

Any tool and format

We use a variety of tools and platforms for data annotation and we are happy to plug in our workforce into your in-house tool. We also provide all popular labeling formats and can generate outputs in custom formats as well.

Illustration of a woman who has been annotated and is ready to be exported, shown with various file types

Our workforce

We offer access to a diverse workforce from around the globe which is trained in annotation skills using our proprietary training platform. They include medical professionals and other experts who can provide the highest quality data for your use case.

Get started

How it works

Project request

Send us information about your project and your annotation needs. Our team will work with you to define to Scope of Work and to determine the best way to deliver the results that you require.

Interface setup

Our team will develop a custom interface for your use case and will hand-pick the most suitable workforce based on your requirements in terms of geography, demographics, etc.

API integration

We will provide you with API endpoints so that you can easily create jobs for our workforce and you can also define callback URLs where you wish to receive the results.

Send requests

Once the integration is complete, you can start sending requests to our workforce which contain bounding box, tag, polygon assignments, and more.

Receive data!

Our workforce will start labeling your data and send back responses within hours or even minutes, depending on your preferences. We can export the data to a shared cloud bucket in a custom format of your choice. 

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