Enhancing Clinical Trial Strategy through AI Annotation

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Through it’s innovative approach to data intelligence in clinical trial strategy, TrialHub is transforming the landscape of medical research and drug development. At Humans in the Loop, we are thrilled to highlight our collaboration with TrialHub, a pioneering platform dedicated to providing real-time feasibility and patient insights for optimizing clinical trial planning and execution.

The client

TrialHub is a data intelligence platform designed for clinical trial strategists seeking real-time feasibility and patient insights to predict challenges and opportunities in clinical trials. Their platform offers a comprehensive analysis of the clinical research landscape in over 70 countries, covering all indications. With access to data from 80,000+ sources, TrialHub facilitates strategic planning by eliminating manual research efforts, allowing more time for focused decision-making.

The challenge

Before collaborating with Humans in the Loop, TrialHub was annotating data internally but on a smaller scale. They required annotation services to classify medical guidelines and clinical research based on parameters such as name, journal, institution, country, and date.

Annotation Requirements:

TrialHub needed annotation services for classifying medical guidelines and clinical research, focusing on parameters essential for clinical trial strategy development.

We came across Humans in the Loop through personal connections, which was also the primary factor in our decision to collaborate with the company, in addition to its social impact. Throughout the entire process, HITL team proved to be a dependable and consistent partner.

Image of Ivaylo Yosifov, Co-Founder and CTO at TrialHub.

Ivaylo Yosifov, Co-Founder and CTO at TrialHub.

The solution

Humans in the Loop provided tailored annotation services to TrialHub, ensuring accurate classification of medical guidelines and clinical research data. The annotation process involved categorizing articles based on specified criteria, including name, journal, institution, country, and date. Throughout the project, TrialHub commended the prompt responsiveness of the Humans in the Loop team and appreciated the established process, which ensured high-quality results from the outset.

Client Satisfaction:

TrialHub expressed satisfaction with the expertise provided by Humans in the Loop, noting that no additional training was required. The project was executed efficiently, meeting TrialHub’s expectations regarding speed and quality. Moreover, TrialHub appreciated the quick initiation of the project and the thorough understanding of the task by the Humans in the Loop team.

The result

The collaboration resulted in the annotation of 320 articles with a 100% acceptance rate, indicating the high-quality output delivered by Humans in the Loop. TrialHub was pleased with the seamless execution of the project and regarded Humans in the Loop as a reliable partner in their efforts to enhance clinical trial strategy.

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