Custom datasets on demand

Dataset collection

Custom datasets on demand

Dataset collection

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If you are looking for a custom ML dataset, our humans in the loop can help by gathering and curating a bias-free dataset which is as close as possible to your use case

The images can be obtained from any publicly available source, including user-generated content platforms

The data is further curated by humans in the loop so as to ensure maximum relevance and variety

For more specific use cases, we are able to arrange direct acquisition of images by humans in the loop. This can cover a wide range of sources, such as:

Mobile imagery

Webcam imagery

Camera imagery

CCTV imagery

Frequently, open source datasets may lack in representation of certain locations, users, or objects, which leads to inherent biases. Through our localization services, we can make sure your model is bias-free wherever it's implemented.

If you already have a dataset but it's too narrow, we can help by expanding it with samples acquired from around the world

Through our proprietary mobile app, we can easily coordinate the collection of imagery from real users with strict quality control