Dataset collection

Custom datasets on-demand

Looking for representative and diverse data collected from around the world which is fully annotated and ready to use?

Collect custom datasets

We collect each dataset on-demand with custom parameters, sourcing locations and distribution according to client requirements - and the data remains entirely yours.

Illustration of custom dataset collection of car damage datasets
Illustration of footwears from different parts of the world signifying diverse data

Get diverse data

Using our global workforce, you can receive images from around the world which are representative of different cultures and ways of living, which contributes to reducing AI biases.

Illustration of footwears from different parts of the world signifying diverse data

Expand existing datasets

If your dataset is collected primarily in one geography, eg, North America, you may need to expand it with examples from other regions in order to make sure it works well for all users

Illustration on dataset expansion

Our workforce

We offer access to a large-scale workforce from around the globe and we can source data from specific geographies and demographics. This is key to creating truly diverse datasets.

Get started

How it works

Project request

Send us information about your project and your custom dataset needs. Our team will work with you to define to Scope of Work and to determine the best way to deliver the results that you require.

Project setup

Our team will develop a custom interface for your use case and will hand-pick the most suitable workforce based on your requirements in terms of geography, demographics, etc.

Project start

We commence the dataset collection process with frequent iterations so as to receive feedback and adjust the required data distribution based on your targets.

Receive data!

We will deliver a fully annotated custom dataset together with detailed documentation of how the dataset was collected, the proof of user consent, and data statistics.

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