Retail AI Dataset

Supermarket Shelves Dataset

Free retail image dataset

Humans in the Loop is excited to publish an open access dataset meant for detecting packaged products on supermarket shelves. Product and price tag detection is a key challenge in retail AI applications and we are happy to release a fully annotated sample dataset for such purposes.

The dataset contains 45 copyright-free images of shelves with products from around the world. The dataset is open for both academic and commercial usage for advancing product detection.

The dataset consists of 11,743 bounding boxes or an average of 260 boxes per image. The images were annotated by the team of refugee of conflict-affected talent managed by our partner NGO Techfugees in Lebanon.

This supermarket shelves dataset dataset is dedicated to the public domain by Humans in the Loop under CC0 1.0 license

Dairy products on supermarket shelves after annotation

Dataset size

The dataset includes 45 images with a total of 11,743 bounding boxes


Two classes with bounding box annotation:

  • Product
  • Price

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