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Our Solutions

Our humans in the loop are here to help you collect and annotate the highest quality training data and to then validate and correct your model’s predictions

Illustration of custom dataset collection of car damage datasets

Don’t have a training dataset yet? We can collect, generate and curate any type of data as close as possible to your use case and deliver a ready-to-use dataset

Illustration of custom dataset collection of car damage datasets

Already have a dataset but it’s not annotated? We can help by providing labels such as bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, and more

man and woman shopping annotated with keypoint annotation
Illustration of real-time edge case handling on model verification

Have a trained model which is already deployed? Plug in a human in the loop at inference stage so as to handle edge cases and instances with low certainty in real time

Have a model in deployment which is encountering data drift and needs to be maintained with fresh data? Use our humans in the loop to generate new ground truth so that you can automate the retraining process

Illustration of Model Audit Prediction
Illustration of AI generating an answer to the question "Will AI replace humans?"

Have an AI model which you want to evaluate? Use human operators to review its outputs and rank them based on relevance, quality, and other important metrics