Ethical AI

Bias-free and diverse

Humans in the Loop is a trusted provider of ethical data annotation and model validation services

Diverse datasets

In our data collection and annotation efforts, we are committed to ensuring a fair representation of different regions, genders, ages, and ethnicities. Through our proprietary mobile and desktop app, we are able to collect images from around the world and make sure your models work with the same accuracy anywhere.

Eliminating bias

Our annotators undergo specialized trainings on how to collect datasets that are diverse, as well as how to recognize potential biases and report them. By knowing what exactly the model's purpose and application are, they are empowered to handle edge cases with confidence.

Project scoping

As an important link in the AI production value chain, we are conscious of the role we play for spotting and eliminating harmful biases. We support our clients with strategic decisions such as defining attributes and class balancing, as well as ethical and legal considerations. In that way, we benefit not only our customers but society at large.

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Avoiding bias in computer vision

The best practices and research of Humans in the Loop on how to avoid bias through better dataset collection and annotation. Use the link below to find out more about our whitepapers and download them.

Bridging academia and industry

Supporting research in ethical annotation

Humans in the Loop has participated in the research of the Critical AI Lab at the Weizenbaum Institute, TU Berlin

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