Fair work

Our commitment

We ensure fair work conditions for our annotators and we take a firm anti-exploitation stance in each country that we work in


  • We do not discriminate against people based on their racial, ethnic or minority background, caste, religious or political belief, sexual orientation or age.
  • We are committed to gender equality and strive to ensure that we have at least 50% women in our workforce.
  • We commit to ensuring that all recruitment, employment and remuneration is in line with legal regulations.
  • All annotators are eligible to apply for HITL's internal health insurance program for any accident or injury sustained in the workplace or any injury or health condition that leads to loss of earnings.

Communication with annotators

  • Annotators receive clear written agreements for every project written in a language they understand, outlining the work involved in the project, the expectations, what purpose the annotation is being used for, and the payment structure.
  • Annotators receive adequate training for every project.
  • Any changes to the work outlined in the contract that lead to extra work for the annotators will be communicated clearly and lead to extra compensation.
  • There is a clear process for annotators to appeal non-payment, low ratings or corrections.


  • Workers earn a minimum hourly wage that is above the local minimum wage in each country. This hourly rate is used as a base rate when calculating per-unit pricing.
  • Work is priced in tiers, based on difficulty.
  • Payments are calculated based on the unit payment for each project and the number of units delivered on time and approved by the project supervisor.
  • Annotators are paid for all work completed, regardless of whether they participate in the full duration of the project.

Bidding for client work

  • Our fair pay policy is communicated with all clients in the proposal process and clients should acknowledge minimum payment rates.
  • If at some stage in the project it turns out to require significantly more time than initially estimated, we reserve the right to update the proposed pricing.
  • We commit to transparency in how our client income has been spent and to publish quarterly information on our website.
  • Client agreements include a clause that annotators should not be exposed to inappropriate content for their situation/context such as violent or overtly sexual images.
  • All use of personal data and images is in accordance with HITL’s data protection policy and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Quarterly reporting

Past quarter expenses

  • Worker payments - 51 %
  • Supervision & QC - 17 %
  • Overheads - 32 %

Past quarter payments by country

  • Bulgaria - 39 %
  • Syria - 57 %
  • Iraq - 5 %

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