Our services

Human input for supervised and semi-supervised Machine Learning


Gathering and curating images and other data for large high-quality datasets specialized for your use case


Labeling images and sorting documents and product databases according to your taxonomy

Object detection

Annotation of images and video using 2D and 3D bounding boxes, polygons, lines, points, and ellipses

Semantic segmentation

Creating actionable pixel-wise masks for semantic and instance segmentation of entire scenes

Text Analysis

Analyzing the sentiment, intent, and other characteristics of texts for natural language processing


Transforming images, pdfs, and scanned documents into plain text for improving text detection and OCR

Use Cases

Our humans in the loop provide high quality training data for industries such as:

Facial Recognition

Self-Driving Cars

Drones & Satellites

Retail & E-commerce

Figure Detection

Video & Motion Tracking

Why choose us


Our workforce specializes in data labeling for the ML industry and has worked with all of the most popular annotation platforms and tools. They can complete the work using a tool you have developed in-house or any of our partner platforms.

Dedicated teams

All of our annotators are employed full-time or part-time at our company and we have personally vetted and trained each one. For every project, we select a dedicated team because we know it is the best way to assure consistency and quality.


In contrast to crowdsourcing platforms, we offer an ethical payout and protection to our workers, in addition to IT trainings and other perks. We provide employment to refugees and conflict-affected people in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Impact sourcing

We make sure that the humans who gather, clean and annotate the data that makes ML move forward are ethically rewarded for their hard work

Providing employment to refugees

Organizing trainings in digital skills

Encouraging humanitarian tech

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