Our services

Human input for supervised and semi-supervised Machine Learning


Manually gathering images, URLs, documents, and other data for compiling large high-quality datasets


Labeling images, sorting documents and product databases in order to turn big data into rich data


Cleaning datasets and databases based on relevance, size, quality, and other characteristics

Image Annotation

Locating and categorising objects in images using 2D and 3D bounding boxes, dots, lines, polygons, and semantic segmentation

Text Analysis

Analyzing the sentiment, intent, and other characteristics of texts for natural language processing and training chatbots


Transforming images, pdfs, and scanned documents into plain text for improving OCR, and short video or audio for training speech recognition


Our humans in the loop provide high quality training data for industries such as:

Computer Vision

Self-Driving Cars

Drones and Satellites

Retail and E-commerce

Customer Relationship Management


Why choose us


Our workforce is especially trained to provide services to the ML industry and can receive customized training based on client specifications. We offer various types of quality control, such as double-checking, consensus, and hidden tests.


Our employees work in a supervised environment and have received training about securely handling data. We are able to sign customized NDAs depending on your needs for the transferring and processing of confidential data.


In contrast to crowdsourcing platforms, we offer an ethical payout and protection to our workers, who receive a stable monthly salary, an office space, and access to trainings. We provide employment to refugees and people from other vulnerable groups.

Impact sourcing

We make sure that the humans who gather, clean and annotate the data that makes ML move forward are ethically rewarded for their hard work

Providing employment to refugees

Trainings in digital skills

Encouraging humanitarian tech

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