The computer vision AI training cycle starts with the ground truth dataset but shouldn't end there

Keep your models alive with continuous maintenance by professional humans in the loop

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Model training

Our humans collect and annotate the gold standard datasets for the initial training of the computer vision AI model 

Our Services

Model validation

Humans are plugged into the pipeline by verifying the AI model’s output and handling edge cases in order to improve accuracy

Interested in how you can use humans in the loop in your AI pipeline?

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AI for good

Social impact

We are building the next generation of professional humans in the loop from conflict-affected regions and communities.

We promote AI which is diverse and bias-free and we support projects which apply AI for social good. 

cup detection

Daily objects around the world

27k images with bounding box and tag annotations released in partnership with Gapminder's Dollar Street project

medical mask dataset

Medical mask and accessory detection

6000 images for detecting medical masks and other accessories, published as a contribution to the fight against COVID-19

semantic segmentation

Semantic segmentation of aerial imagery

A dataset for drone and satellite vision prepared in partnership with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in Dubai, the UAE

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