Human-in-the-loop pipelines for AI

Close the loop for your AI model by automating the retraining process with human feedback

Fully automate your MLOps cycle

Human-in-the-Loop labeling

Illustration of custom dataset collection of car damage datasets

Dataset collection

Our humans collect and curate custom ethically-sourced and globally diverse datasets which you can use to train your computer vision AI

man and woman shopping annotated with keypoint annotation

Dataset annotation

We label your datasets by coupling manual annotations with advanced auto-annotation and smart labeling tools

Illustration of real-time edge case handling on model verification

Real-time edge case

Plug in our humans in order to handle alerts and edge cases coming from your AI models in real time

Illustration of Model Audit Prediction

Human-in-the-loop for active learning

During deployment, our humans can be coupled with active learning in order to detect data drift and generate new ground truth

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Reinforcement learning with human feedback

Use feedback and output rankings from our humans in order to evaluate your model's performance

The high-quality data you need

Computer vision annotation

Types of annotation

Bounding boxes

We provide bounding box annotation for 2D, 3D and video data. By using auto-labeling and smart interpolation, we can quickly scale to thousands of instances

Types of annotation


Polygons allow you to perform object detection with much more precision. With our trained workforce and tools for automated shape detection, we provide extreme accuracy

Types of annotation


Pose detection has never been easier! By using preset skeletons, we are able to annotate hundreds of facial and pose keypoints on each figure, both on images and videos

Types of annotation

Semantic segmentation

We provide both semantic segmentationand instance segmentation, which allow you to get the maximum amount of information out of your data

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“We developed a great partnership with Humans in the loop, and their dedication to our projects is evident in the final results. The communication was convenient and fast, tools were easy to use, and we could monitor the progress of the project and report any issues at any time. We appreciate their attention to details and their creative approach that made our annotation pipeline more productive.”

Aref Ariyapour
Senior computer vision engineer

AI for good

Social impact

We are building the next generation of professional humans in the loop from conflict-affected regions and communities

We promote AI which is diverse and bias-free and we support projects which apply AI for social good 

The Best Success Stories From Our Clients

Success Stories​

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Read how Swiss intelligent drone company Daedalean has used the annotations generated by Humans in the Loop to power the autonomous pilot of the future.

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Read how Spanish optical sorting company Picvisa has partnered with Humans in the Loop in order to train smart sorting solutions for waste management.

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Read how French research institute INRAe has partnered with Humans in the Loop in order to optimize the plant phenotyping process through better annotations.